There's an option to have an IIS Application Pool automatically kill w3wp if the process runs at over some threshold for some period. Ref: Kill w3wp.exe if it is working on 100% cpu over a period of time

When such an event occurs, I'd like to trigger a mail such that we're aware that there had been an issue; thus we'll know:

  • any users reporting issues before the alert will likely have had their issue resolved by the KillW3wp event.
  • any users reporting issues at the point of KillW3wp would suggest unwanted side effects caused by the kill.
  • we can search for patterns in when this fix is needed / in data in the related logs from the same time, from which we can delve deeper into finding the underlying cause.



The KillW3wp doesn't support additional actions that I am aware of.

Fret not, there is an event log for the action.

  • Product: Internet Information Services
  • ID: 5025
  • Source: Microsoft-Windows-WAS
  • Version: 7.0
  • Symbolic Name: WAS_EVENT_JOB_LIMIT_HIT
  • Message: Application pool '%1' exceeded its job limit settings.

Source: Technet Event ID 5025 — IIS Application Pool Availability

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