I've set up Postfix, Dovecot and MySQL according to this tutorial from linode. In the virtual aliases table I have an account which forwards to my gmail.

Because these messages are then being delivered through my mailserver, which obviously is not designated as a permitted sender by the spf record of the originating domain, the messages are marked as "spf: fail" and have the added header like "someone@example.com via myservername.com".

This makes perfect sense but I'm wondering if there is some way to deliver/forward these messages without the spf penalty? For now everything is fine as I have added filters in gmail such that forwarded mail will not be marked as, and delivered to spam. But historically, mail providers have a tendency to change and often tighten policies in regards to mail delivery, so for that reason I'd like to know if there is a better way to configure this.


Apparently the answer is SRS. Surprised nobody chimed in on this but figured I'd answer my own question as it may benefit someone else in the future. I'm using this: https://github.com/roehling/postsrsd

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