To write a link to a file on another server I write


which maps to

\\ServerName C:\FilePathName

How can I write the link to access a different drive, e.g. W:\?

I want the link to access

\\ServerName W:\FilePathName

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This sounds like a mix up of different principles.

  • A machine named ServerName is sharing a path c:\path\to\sharename which is shared via name sharename. In this scenario, you connect to the share name remotely simply with \\ServerName\sharename - not the whole path of the share name.
  • By default, administrators are also able to access the root of each drive and the whole contents thereof, by navigating to \\ServerName\[driveletter]$ so for example, \\ServerName\d$ - but again, by default this is administrator-only - and I highly recommend leaving it this way.

As for the question of accessing a share present from a different drive on the machine ServerName, you would simply make sure that the content on that machine is properly set to share and access it via the above naming scheme as normal, eg \\ServerName\shareOnOtherDrive

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