Is there an offsite service i can use where a 3rd party will keep my dvds for me?

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    – Brandon
    May 9, 2009 at 17:22

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For backup storage, a safe deposit box at your local bank is always a good option. An added benefit is being able to store personal files and valuables.

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Encrypt your backups!

Now any closet/garage is a 'secure off site location'

If this is for a work setting, this could be pretty fun. Just mail the monthly (encrypted) backups to your bosses house.

Dear Mr CEO,

I am this months backup dvd's.
Please place me in the box in your garage with all the other dvd's.
But remember, I am the sum total of your digital assets - I am worth 
<insert large million dollar figure here>.

   So look after me.
   Regards - dvd #1232

Depending on where you live, Iron Mountain provides secure offsite storage, recovery, couriering, logging and delivery, as well as a bunch of other services in this realm -- from paper shredding to online backup. No I don't work for them, and have no vested interest to disclose.