I'm trying to manage a Windows server with chef, and need to create some users, add them to a group, and add that group to another group.

user 'test.user' do
    password    'password'
    action      :create

group 'TestGroup' do
    action  :create
    members [ 'test.user' ]
    append  true

group 'OtherGroup' do          # This is line 43
    action  :create
    members [ 'TestGroup' ]
    append  true

That results in an error:

[2015-02-12T09:54:35+00:00] FATAL: ArgumentError: group[OtherGroup] (users::staff line 43) had an error: ArgumentError: A new member could not be added to a local group because the member has the wrong account type.

It's like Chef can't add a group to a group. Adding users to a group is fine.

Oddly it only seems to affect a custom group. I can add to the built in Users and Administrators groups fine.

group 'Administrators' do
    action  :modify
    members [ 'TestGroup' ]
    append  true

I have also tried creating the OtherGroup empty first, and then :modifying it, but the same problem happens.


You have not specified which version of Windows Server you are working with, nor the version of Chef - so these are a few assumptions.

From the Chef docs, it does not appear that adding a group as a member of a groups is supported:


Ruby Type: Array

Which users should be set or appended to a group. When more than one group member is identified, the list of members should be an array: members ['user1', 'user2'].

From the error message, we can derive that the operation being attempted is adding a local group to another local group.

The Windows API method that Chef is using under the hood states (emphasis mine):

The NetLocalGroupAddMembers function adds membership of one or more existing user accounts or global group accounts to an existing local group. The function does not change the membership status of users or global groups that are currently members of the local group.

There does not appear to be much spec/test coverage for the underlying API calls in Chef - but from the call to this method it appears that the intention of adding members to a group is expected to be a Domain User only, not another local group.

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