Will rsyncd run without its config file (rsyncd.conf) ?
What is its behavior if run this way?

So, I'm using rsync to backup user directories from (call it) server A, and it's working nicely, so I decide to do the same with server B. Server B doesn't have rsync installed, so I find a package and install it. It doesn't work out of the box, so I have to do some configuring. It's mostly all about rsyncd.conf, so I have a look on server A and...it's not there. As in "find / -name ..." not there. Server A is running CentOS 6. Server A lets me back up any user I call for, but Server B refuses to do any of that, so I was forced to set up the config file, with modules pointing at the directories I wanted to back up. I had to grind through the details myself.

rsyncd is being run via xinetd, and I checked /etc/xinetd.d/rsync for any command options and there's nothing besides --daemon.

But none of the documentation mentions what I get if the config file is absent. I'd expect a statement as to what it would do by default.

  • Did you execute find as root/sudo? It's usually just /etc/rsyncd.conf.
    – dartonw
    Feb 16 '15 at 1:29

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