What's the easiest way to check the members of an AD Domain Group from a Windows XP or Server 2003 computer?

Preferably this would be a gui, or a one line console command (not a script).


"Active Directory Users and Computers" comes to mind.

It's dsa.msc and is available as part of the Windows Server adminpak.


  • Great, a new favorite tool! – C. Ross Sep 20 '09 at 14:07

Open Active Directory Users and Computers then go to the properties of the group and click on the Members tab...

  • Where do I "Open Active Directory Users and Computers" – C. Ross Sep 18 '09 at 19:11
  • 1
    You have to install it on non-DC servers and client systems; it's in adminpak.msi, available on the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM or from Microsoft. – Massimo Sep 18 '09 at 19:25

I have exactly what your looking for. It's a free download from Microsoft. You can find it here:

Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack:


It's full of all kinds of useful tools, and usually comes installed wherever there is a domain controller. Under the Administrative Tools there is one called "Active Directory Users and Computers". You can search for the group. Opening it up there is a "Members" tab that will list all user's in the group.

  • It's actually the "Members" tab, not the "Members Of" tab. Big difference in one little word. :-) – Scott Lundberg Sep 19 '09 at 4:16

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