I want to be able to add some requires to a file I setup:

define daemontools::service(
  $ensure = 'running',
  case $ensure {
    'running': { $real_ensure = $source }
    'stopped': { $real_ensure = 'absent' }
    default: { fail("no such ensure for daemontools::service") }

    ensure => $real_ensure,
    require=> Package['daemontools']

  # This is the part that gets confusing
  if $require {
    File["/etc/service/${name}"]{ require +> $require }

# in some other class somewhere

  require => [Package['djbdns'],Exec['tinydns_setup']]

The LanguageTutorial seems to think this will work, but it only results in the error message: Parameter 'require' is already set on File[/etc/service/tinydns] by daemontools::service


Get rid of the if $require -- it's completely unnecessary. Metaparameters like require apply to defined types just as well as they do to native types, so nothing in your daemontools::service resource will run until the requires on it are successfully run.

  • Doh, easier than I thought... – gnarf Sep 20 '09 at 2:38

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