I have a drupal application on openshift redhat server and I would like to install apache solr for my search_api_solr module. Any ideas how to do this ?

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Have you checked out the installation notes found in the manual?

Installing Solr

Solr is available from the Solr website at http://lucene.apache.org/solr/.Apache Solr Reference Guide 5.0 5 For Linux/Unix/OSX systems, download the .tgz file. For Microsoft Windows systems, download the .zip file. When getting started, all you need to do is extract the Solr distribution archive to a directory of your choosing. When you're ready to setup Solr for a production environment, please refer to the instructions provided on the Taking Solr to Production page. To keep things simple for now, extract the Solr distribution archive to your local home directory, for instance on Linux, do:

 $ cd ~/
 $ tar zxf solr-5.0.0.tgz

Once extracted, you are now ready to run Solr using the instructions provided in the Running Solr section.

  • thanks, I know how to install apache solr in local application, but I don't know how install it for an application hosted on openshift.redhat.com. That's my issue. Here I don't have enough permissions to set it up and I also should be able to not close my connection to server when I start solr, which is not possible. – ladybug23 Mar 2 '15 at 20:19

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