I have set up an SAP system to act as an SMTP server on port 25000.

The company uses Office 365 as its email provider.

Is it possible to route/forward e-mails that are delivered to a specific e-mail account from the Office 365 server to the SAP SMTP server?


  • andrew@mycompany.com -> Office 365 e-mail system
  • brian@mycompany.com -> Office 365 e-mail system
  • charlie@mycompany.com -> Office 365 e-mail system
  • sapuser@mycompany.com -> Office 365 e-mail system -> SAP SMTP server
  • david@mycompany.com -> Office 365 e-mail system
  • edward@mycompany.com -> Office 365 e-mail system
  • What do you mean under SAP SMTP server? AFAIK, SAP is bundled with no SMTP mail server and requires external one. – Suncatcher Nov 23 '16 at 17:45

It is not possible to route select e-mails from Office 365 to another SMTP Server, at least not an SAP SMTP server.

I ended up forwarding e-mails from one domain to another - using the second domain as an 'SAP e-mail only domain', which would be routed to the SAP e-mail server:

sapuser@mycompany.com -> sapuser@sapmycompany.com -> SAP SMTP server

This way, people are able to send e-mails to the company, using the companies proper domain. The e-mails then get routed to another domain (which people don't see) and the e-mail gets received by the SAP system.


Yes you can. MS call in "Conditional mail routing in Exchange Online".

  1. Set up a connector from Office 365 to your email server.
  2. Create a mail flow rule that'll send mail to it based on the criteria you define.

There is links about that:




Yes, you can.

To summrize the steps, you need to:

  1. Create a contact inside Exchange.
  2. Mail-Enable the contact you just created.
  3. Enable mail forward from the users to the newly created contact.

The steps are well documented in this Microsoft Knowledge Base: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/281926

Note that there might be some step variations, but the idea are essentially the same.

  • Unfortunately the article only describes how to forward e-mails to another Exchange server, non an SAP SMTP server. From the KB: 'This article describes how to configure a mailbox to forward mail to either a mail-enabled contact (a custom recipient in Exchange Server 5.5) or another mailbox on an Exchange 2000 computer or on an Exchange Server 2003 computer.' – Techboy Mar 9 '15 at 15:08
  • See those lines you just copied pasted? take a closer look at the words "a mail-enabled contact", this is what you need to make this trick work. – Noor Khaldi Mar 12 '15 at 7:30

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