• I'm having a docker image based on rabbitmq.

  • Nothing in my Dockerfile specifies anything about ports.

  • I bind the usual rabbitmq ports (5671, 5672 and 15672) to my custom ports by running my instance as follows:

    docker run -d -p $someport:5671 -p -p $somemgtport:15672 myimage

  • There is nothing in my iptables INPUT chain, and the FORWARD chain is filled with the usual docker stuff.

The problem

When $somemgtport is different from 15672 I can't access to it (the rabbitmq management interface via HTTP) from the outside world.

But it seems that I used the -p flag correctly because curl https://localhost:$somemgtport works as expected (as well as the amqp calls to $someport).

When running, the iptables DOCKER chain is the following:

Chain DOCKER (1 references)
 target     prot opt in     out     source               destination
 ACCEPT     tcp  --  !docker0 docker0  anywhere             xyz  tcp dpt:15672
 ACCEPT     tcp  --  !docker0 docker0  anywhere             xyz  tcp dpt:5671
 ACCEPT     tcp  --  !docker0 docker0  anywhere             xyz  tcp dpt:amqp

So it doesn't open the ports $someport and $somemgtport but rather the ports that are correspond to the "inside" of the container: 5671 and 15672 (the ones from rabbitmq).

=> it seems to me that it's doing exactly the contrary to what I would expect...!

What did I do wrong with the docker run command?

NB: I want other ports than the default ones because I'm running 2 instances of rabbitmq on the same machine.

Update - Here's a partial output of netstat -pln (with someport=55001 and somemgtport=65002):

tcp6       0      0 :::55001                :::*                    LISTEN      29613/docker-proxy
tcp6       0      0 :::65002                :::*                    LISTEN      29622/docker-proxy

netstat -pln | grep 15672 has no output

  • Can you share the output of netstat -pln | grep 15672 inside the container?
    – ronnix
    Commented Feb 27, 2015 at 16:02

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Deprecation Notice: That question is outdated, whatever might have created it at the time doesn't exist anymore. Docker stopped using iptables (to achieve port redirection) a long time ago, the network layer was rewritten from scratch at least twice since the question was posted.

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