I've been adding them to /etc/basrhc, and that works most of the time.

But I noticed that when I su to another user, I lose all my aliases.

It turns out that /etc/bashrc is only loaded when the terminal is opened, not on login. And it seems that /etc/profile is loaded on login. So, is that where I should really have put all those aliases?

  • You should be using shell functions, not aliases. Aliases are less featureful, more brittle, and offer no advantages over shell functions. – tripleee Mar 6 '15 at 12:41

You should put them in /etc/profile.d/buttles_aliases.sh

The /etc/profile file probably contains this code:

if [ -d /etc/profile.d ]; then
  for i in /etc/profile.d/*.sh; do
    if [ -r $i ]; then
      . $i
  unset i

Unfortunate lack of quotes, so don't put a space in your filename.

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