I am setting up a samba server on RHEL7. I would like to set up my share permission in the following manner -

Directory shared -


Files in /shared/ -

I want to allow user to access to file1,file2 and private direcotry without allowing them to browse /shared/ directory.

User should not see what is inside /shared/ directory but if they know the exact file and directory name in /shared/, they should be able to access it via full path.

Can it be done?


  • off hand, I seem to think per file/directory permissions (without a forced permissions setting) on samba should do it. – Journeyman Geek Mar 11 '15 at 8:35

You can do that quite easily by removing the "r" permission on /shared/
Something as that: chmod go-r shared

After that command, if the user try do access the /shared/ folder it will be a "access denied" message. But if it explicitly enter a file's complete path (eg: /shared/file1) it can access the file.

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