I'm trying to set up a simple html/css/js only site on my local IIS that uses Windows Authentication.

So far I just a have a c://mysite/index.html file

When I point the default IIS website (i.e http://localhost) to this folder and enable Windows Authentication, I am shown the login dialog when I browse to it. When I enter my creds it then shows the index.html fine. But when I setup a new IIS site (e.g http://local.mysite I have a host entry for this) pointing to the same folder, with Windows Authentication enabled, I cannot get passed the login dialog. It just redisplays as if the login creds were wrong, but I'm entering the same creds as I did in http://localhost.

I have added http://local.mysite to the local intranet zone in Internet Options, but this doesn't resolve the issue.

Any ideas on why this isn't working?

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Check if you have KB 3002657 installed. This patch broke windows authentication, and the symptoms are what you mentioned (redisplays login credentials)

Has March 2015 Patch Tuesday broken 2003 shares?


  • Checked. I don't have that installed
    – MakkyNZ
    Mar 12, 2015 at 15:15

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