I am a php developer and I'm setting up a portable development environment on windows 7.

I downloaded the version of mysql "NonInstall Zip Archive" and is working properly.

However, I see that occupies over 1GB in size !!

I imagine that to run and test my web projects developed in php, I just need the MySQL server and maybe (not sure) also MySQL client.

What files can I delete to free up space?

I know that if I had used the Windows MSI Installer, would have the MySQL Installer GUI tool to delete unnecessary files. Can I do it manually without having to install this tool?

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These are the files and folders I deleted:

bin folder: All *.pdb files
docs folder
include folder
lib folder
mysql-test folder
share folder: Removed languages folders except english and spanish.
share\charsets folder
sql-bench folder

A month later using mysql, I have not had any problems.

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