I've got a bare metal server with 2x 480gb SSD disks. I will run a CI server with docker on CoreOS.

Do I have to add another small disk to hold CoreOS and mount the 2x SSDs as /var/lib/docker?

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To use additional disks with CoreOS you specify their use with a systemd mount unit. For example:

$ cat /etc/systemd/system/media-Bulk.mount 
Description=External disk used by Docker & Libvirt


This will take the disk identified by the UUID 5ef7a435-e3e2-4a0c-8090-4263f3ee8853 and mount it to the path /media/Bulk.

Similarly if I wanted to mount this path to /var/lib/docker I would change the name of the unit from media-Bulk.mount to var-lib-docker.mount.

This assumes that the device has already been partitioned and had a filesystem created on it. If it has not this can be done with a systemd service unit of Type=oneshot.

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