I'm running ArchLinux with a CUPS server on it. I am using an gutuenprint driver for a Sinfonia printer. Whenever I tell cups to print more than one copy of a 1-page document, it duplicates the pages by the amount of copies, and then continues to print those amounts of copies. So the amount of pages that I end up getting are N^N. If I ask for 10 copies of a 1 page document, the printer will make 10 copies of a 10 page document. I'm sending a JPEG file to the printer, if that makes any different.

I feel like the CUPS filters may be duplicating the pages based on copies, but I'm not sure.


I found the problem. In the GutenPrint driver for my printer, it was setting the attribute *cupsManualCopies set to True. Setting the value to False resolved the issue.

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