I have a domain(from IndiaLinks) and a VPS server(from OVH with an IP). Consider the domain as mysite.com. Before purchasing this vps, I used to host it with shared hosting by adding the given nameservers under the delegation. But here I don't have nameservers.

I have installed Ubuntu 14.10 server, apache2, php5 and mysql in my VPS. I am facing many challenges here.

  • Can I use same domain as nameservers(ns1.mysite.com, ns2.mysite.com for mysite.com)?

So how to create the nameservers ns1.mysite.com and ns2.mysite.com in my VPS?

(Here I have few reference links but I am confused to use it based on my IP ) Reference 1 and Reference 2


What you need are called glue records: What is a glue record?

Essentially, without a glue record, your nameserver definition would be calling itself recursively; i.e., to resolve, ns1.mysite.com, first you have to resolve mysite.com, one step up.

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