Hosting is awesome. But hackers and bots trying to break into your server are not. I actually hate them.

So, today i launched a new server with directadmin. And all is great. But a few minutes after launch, the first brute force attacks are coming in. The first few i reported manually. In the hope someone will stop the criminals. But is there a way to automaticly report those ip's?

I know how to let directadmin parse my logs for brute force attacks. And i can report them by hand. But there are so many now, is there a way to automate it? I could just send all brute force reports to apnic (as most are coming from apnic controlled ip's), but that isn't ideal i gues.

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Automatically generating such abuse reports does not sound like a good idea at all. If you ever got it working, chances are that the receivers would consider your abuse reports to be spam.

Any ISP who would actually appreciate automatic reports about abuse from their own customers would be much better off deploying their own monitoring of suspicious activity originating from their customers. Not only will it provide more accurate information, the reports will also be in a standardized format.

Password brute force attempts are easy to defend yourself against. And as such, it is much more productive to simply take measures to keep your own systems secure than to attempt to report offenders.

There are limited resources to deal with abuse, those resources are better spent dealing with abuse cases which are not fended off simply by proper configuration and installation of security updates.


You're not going to make much progress reporting those IP addresses to the authorities. Even if the IPs hitting you weren't dynamically assigned, the quantity of them just make it not worth the trouble. I recommend installing fail2ban or a similar software and have it ban addresses that spam the server. If you really still wanted to report the addresses, you could pull them out of the banned address rules in the firewall.

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