I'm trying to set up HHVM for one of my websites. It is running on Apache 2.4, Ubuntu 14.04. I apologize for not being the most advanced system administrator, I am more in the software engineering end of the spectrum.

I've got HHVM installed when but when I use FastCGI for the entire Apache server, it breaks ownCloud. After a bit of reading, I find that the ownCloud developers are still in the process of getting it compatible with HHVM.

So I want to run just one directory with FastCGI and hence HHVM.

My website which I do want to run FastCGI for is in: /var/www/website A sub-directory in here is the document root as per:

DocumentRoot /var/www/website/www

(Some of the code lives above the document root for the website; classes, etc.)

ownCloud is in: /var/www/owncloud And has the configuration:

Alias /owncloud "/var/www/owncloud/"
<Directory "/var/www/owncloud">
    Options +FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All

I've tried quite a few things in apache2.conf without success.

ProxyPass / fcgi://
ProxyPass /owncloud/ //


ProxyPass /var/www/website/ fcgi://


ProxyPass /website/ fcgi://


<Directory /var/www/website/>
    SetHandler fastcgi-script
    SetHandler proxy:fcgi://

Any ideas?


So it seems like you wish to proxy things to your fast cgi process unless the URI starts /ownlcoud/. You just need to tell mod_proxy not to proxy the requests to /owncloud/. So you need to add

ProxyPass /owncloud/ !

before your proxy directive to your FCGI process. You can add other exclusions in the same way if you need to.

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