I am using a Windows Server 2012 for my institute, due to connectivity issues I uninstalled the services AD DS, DHCP, DNS. But after the uninstall the server is unable to connect to the Internet, moreover I cannot ping the server (static ip address) from an other pc.
N.B :-

  • Ethernet Status shows Sent and Received information.
  • IPv4 config : ip add :
                         Subnet :
                         Default Gateway :
                         Primary DNS :
                         Alternate DNS :
  • Tried using the Google DNS and, but does not work.


Just thought it would help others with a similar problem may be. The solution to my problem was Resetting the router. With research I came to know that the router buffer holds the address of your WS2012 DNS server after uninstalling also which afterward tries to point to your Domain Server but is unable due to the uninstallation of DNS service. Specially in an un-managed switch scenario it would also dynamically effect your network and cause all sorts of unpredictable problems, specially for a novice like me :)

Thanks !!!

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