I am attempting to use vagrant and a puppet workflow to configure a Ubuntu production server VM which will host a web application. I want to be able to reuse this workflow to configure multiple identical VMs in the future. After the VM is configured, I am attempting to create an image and migrate the VM to the physical machine. I am planning on using a PXE Imaging service like fog to create an image of the VM then deploy on a bare metal machine.

My questions are:

Will I run into any incompatibility issues / does there exist and do I need a utility similar to sysprep?

Is there a more efficient set of tools I could be / should be using for this situation?

Any assistance appreciated!


You don't want to migrate a virtual machine to physical, you want to be able to reproduce a certain configuration tested in a virtual machine in a set of physical ones.

You're almost there, you can choose to control the process more or less manually:

  1. PXE boot the new machines
  2. configure the basics with preseed
  3. hand the system over to puppet for it to finish the configuration of your system.

Or use a provisioning server like cobbler, which can handle PXE, preseeding, repository management and has puppet integration.

  • Okay, so as far as I understand, I will need to host a cobbler server to handle deployment of my customized configuration. Sounds great thanks! I will read into cobbler more. – andrsnn Mar 30 '15 at 22:09

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