I'm using Ansible to try to configure all of the workstations involved with a particular project to be able to use BitTorrent sync with a standard configuration (this is actually just an example of the kind of thing I want to do).

When I execute the playbook I can confirm that the debconf settings on the remote PCs have been updated, however the config file for the application has not been updated.

Is there a way to get ansible to finish the job off - having supplied a bunch of config data I just want to recompile the actual config file and then restart the service.

I'm using the latest Ansible (from PyPi) on Ubuntu 14.10 64bit hosts.

- hosts: btsync
  sudo: True
    - apt_repository: repo='ppa:tuxpoldo/btsync' update_cache=yes state=present
    - apt: name=btsync state=present
    - apt: name=debconf-utils state=present
    - apt: name=btsync-gui state=present
    - file: name='create a directory for BT Sync' path=/home/sal/bittorrent_sync state=directory owner=sal group=users mode=0755
    - debconf: name='btsync' question='btsync/runas' value='sal' vtype='string'
    - debconf: name='btsync' question='btsync/directory_root' value='/home/sal/bittorrent_sync' vtype='string'
    - debconf: name='btsync' question='btsync/webgui-bindaddr' value='' vtype='string'
    - debconf: name='btsync' question='btsync/folder_defaults-use_lan_broadcast' value='true' vtype='boolean'
    - debconf: name='btsync' question='btsync/log_size' value='1' vtype='string'
    - debconf: name='btsync' question='btsync/folder_defaults-use_dht' value='true' vtype='boolean'
    - service: name='btsync' state=restarted

I can force the config file to be reconfigured from the debconf like this:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive btsync

I suppose I could force Ansible to remotely execute that statement, but surely there's a better, more ansibleish way to do this?


That's how debconf works, you wouldn't expect packages to reconfigure automatically if you just edited the file either.

What you want is a notify handler that does the dpkg reconfigure once at the end of the play.

- debconf: name: 'btsync' question: 'btsync/folder_defaults-use_dht' value: 'true' vtype: 'boolean' notify: reconfigure btsync

and in your handlers file:

- name: reconfigure btsync command: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive btsync

Now, if debconf actually changed anything (and only if - idempotent), btsync will get reconfigured once when all your tasks have run.

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    How do you get the list of questions from the package? – naisanza Sep 16 '17 at 3:01
  • 3
    @naisanza, use debconf-show PACKAGE – Gheesh Jan 21 '18 at 17:53

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