I just started a new job and directly got problems with the guys operating our server farms (company is quite big). I was used to use docker and would like to keep that going with the products I am designing.

As a requirement, I told that guys I need the Docker daemon to run as root user. The server guys just told me, that they won't support our machines if we run 3rd party sotfware as a root user. There's no argumentation about that. Period.

But, they told me, if we could use sudo and restrict the sudo rights to the absolute minimum required, this would be a solution.

is there something known how I could handle that or circumvent that dogmatic "I need root" rule?



The Docker daemon is required to be running as root. Once a piece of software is running as root, it has all root permissions. Something like sudo dockerdaemon still gives Docker all those rights. This is also exactly why most people restrict sudo from running interactive shells or software like vim which can run arbitrary external commands. Root access is root access.

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