I have tried to find all the information I could on this and I understand the problem with mod_evasive not working when the server is in the mpm_prefork mode (instead of worker).

However, I was able to make it partially work by lowering the


in the config file. So my question is: if I configure the mpm_prefork.conf:

StartServers 1
MinSpareServers 0
MaxSpareServers 0
MaxRequestWorkers 150
MaxConnectionsPerChild 0

would that basically equal to one instance running (as if 'worker'), in which case mod_evasive would be still running as if the server was running as a 'worker'?

Are there any potential problems in such a setup? (such as a lot of legitimate requests not being handled, etc)? Are there any other options for my basic requirements (would mod_security be helpful?)

I understand this is not the best way to mitigate attacks, but I am just looking for basic security against custom crawlers which occasionally overload my server with dozens of requests per second.


It looks like the counters used by mod_evasive are not shared between processes. Hence each time mpm_prefork spawns a new process, the counters are back to 0.

One way to make mod_evasive work with mpm_prefork is hence to have:

  • StartServers = MaxRequestWorkers = MaxSpareServers (so all processes are created at startup and no new process will be created or killed)
  • MaxConnectionsPerChild 0 (So processes won't be recycled. However this can be dangerous in case of memory leak so you should use a large value instead of 0)
  • Divide DOSPageCount and DOSSiteCount by the number of server processes

This is only based on the behavior I could observe on my own server and should be carefully tested.

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