I am running the Tomcat manager application via a Debian package (tomcat8-admin), which deploys the webapp from /usr/share/tomcat8-admin/manager. We ran into a problem hitting the maximum upload size (configured as the multipart-config element in the HTMLManager servlet block). This is easy to fix if you're willing to edit Debian-packaged files, but this is incorrect: files in /usr/share are owned exclusively by dpkg. Is there a way to override this element from somewhere in tomcat's conf directory (which is symlinked to /etc/tomcat8 in Debian)?

Searching for this problem on the web only results in suggestions about editing web.xml directly (eg http://www.giantgeek.com/blog/?p=1000) or about different programming approaches using context parameters (if I understand correctly; I'm not especially familiar with the jargon).

If it's not possible to override this at the moment, then I'd be interested in suggestions about the best place to file a bug: is it that web.xml shouldn't contain site-specific options, as I have read - in which case does the fault lie with Tomcat? Or is the Debian packaging faulty, and should web.xml be made into a config file and symlinked from /etc?

Of course I could maintain a local version of the Debian package with this overriden, but for such an apparently-obvious piece of configuration that seems wrong too.

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You can install tomcat without dpkg. Also which folder you want. Some googling can help. After that make multipart conf in web.xml.

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