Lets say that there is the url www.example.com This url holds an web application with a cloud provider other than Google.

Lets say there is a second url, an extension of the first url: www.example.com/extension_url This second url holds a second web application which has no relation to the web application under the first, main url.

Remembering that www.example.com is with another cloud provider, can Google Cloud host www.example.com/extension_url?

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That depends a bit on how www.example.com is hosted and how much control you have as an administrator. It is not uncommon to run a reverse proxy that incorporates content/functionality from a remote server/service and maps that to a local URL such as www.example.com/extension_url.

Suppose the local server is running apache; then

<Location /extension_url/>
    ProxyPass http://google-backend.example.com/

will cause a local request for http://www.example.com/extension_url/bar to be internally converted into a proxy request to http://google-backend.example.com/bar.

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    ProxyPassReverse may be required for some setups. If proxied app sets up Base etc. one has to rewrite that. – Droopy4096 Apr 9 '15 at 14:17

In this situation www.example.com will point to the Google Cloud's server. Therefore everything within the hostname must be hosted here, you cannot have www.example.com/extension_url to be hosted on another server.

You have two real options:

  1. Add a subdomain pointing to the another hosting, e.g. secondapp.example.com. If you need address www.example.com/extension_url, you can redirect it to secondapp.example.com.
  2. If the second application is not a service but you have access to the source code, you should be able to move it to same hosting.

Please don't use frameset for this despite guided somewhere: we are not in the '90s anymore.

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