Our domain admin logon on PCs or Servers used to have only one profile located on


Somehow, now we got a duplicated profile called


Does anyone know why?

Win 7 sp1

Win 2008 R2

Win 2012 R2


This is probably nothing to worry about - this will occur when the original local profile folder doesn't unload or is otherwise corrupted.

Basically, the first profile will be


If there's an issue with the username folder, it'll append the domain name:


If there's an issue with the username.domain folder, it'll then start a numerical sequence:



And so on.

With the "Administrator" account in particular, it could also be caused by a name clash betwen the local administrator account and the domain administrator account.

Either way, this is all just part of Windows Profile Management (Or it's lack of, I guess you could say) and unless you're having a specific issue I'd just forget about it.

  • I would mention the name clash first. I would say that is the most common reason for the ".domain" suffix to the profile folder. Seems to be the more logical order for your answer. – Daniel Apr 13 '15 at 5:54

The only thing I'll add to Dan's answer is if you choose to change the name of that profile folder, say back to C:\users\username, then you have to change the path in the registry as well, under

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\<GUID>\ProfileImagePath

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