Some email servers support a special syntax such as name%folder@example.com that will deliver the message into the specified folder for that user. In the past there was mention of this type of thing on gmail using the + to apply labels. This is particularly useful for IMAP. Does anyone know if this sort of thing can be done with Exchange?

  • And, yes, I know I can create filters. I was looking for this specific functionality. – end-user Apr 9 '15 at 18:32

you could add that secondary email address with the folder name into the account and then user mail rules on the mailbox to do it. I am not aware of anything built in that can do that without adding something to the mail server to move mail around. I have a few scripts that move mail around from the inbox to the deleted items, but it is powershell that runs as a script for the purposes of importing data that is emailed to us.


Even Gmail's user+tag@gmail.com syntax didn't automatically create folders or labels for received items. With the + tagging you could more easily create filters because of the recipient address, but it wasn't automatic.

No matter what, something has to be done on the client side (or with server-side rules perhaps) to gain this functionality. You could consider a second account, a rule, or some form of add-on.

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