I have a Virtual Machine in Azure with a Cloud Service VIP. I have opened up an HTTPS endpoint. If I alter my hosts file to point to the VIP, I can reach my IIS site without any trouble. So far so good.

I created a CNAME record in my registrar:

subdomain.mydomain.com --> vm-west-us.cloudapp.net

Unfortunately, I cannot reach the IIS server on the VM using this CNAME DNS record. I get back a 502 error (using Fiddler). I know that the CNAME record has propagated b/c I can ping it and it resolves the domain name / IP.

I suspect that if I add an A record in the registrar pointing directly to the VIP, this will resolve the problem. But what am I doing wrong with the CNAME record?

Screenshot of VM dash:

screenshot of vm dash


Dumb mistake. The Azure setup and the CNAME approach were both fine. I mistakenly mapped the wrong subdomain at the domain registrar.

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