The question is simple - how can I install updates listed as "optional" in Windows Update using the Cluster-Aware Updating feature in Windows Server Failover Cluster?

I installed all the important updates and now the plug-ins say there are no updates left, but if you use Windows Update you can clearly see there are some.

EDIT: I found out that I need to provide the parameter BrowseOnly with the value True (or 1). I tried it and the CAU Microsoft.WindowsUpdatePlugin returns error that the argument value is invalid.


I use the QueryString plugin parameter set to IsInstalled = 0 and IsHidden = 0, specifically:

QueryString = IsInstalled = 0 and IsHidden = 0

in the CauPluginArguments field in the GUI.

Or, from PowerShell:

Invoke-CauRun -ClusterName CL01 -CauPluginName 'Microsoft.WindowsUpdatePlugin' -CauPluginArguments @{QueryString = "IsInstalled = 0 and IsHidden = 0"}

The syntax of the QueryString parameter is described in the Windows Update Agent API reference: IUpdateSearcher::Search method.

EDIT: For comparison, the default query string used by the Microsoft.WindowsUpdatePlugin CAU plugin is described here (How CAU Plug-ins Work) and looks like this: IsInstalled=0 and Type='Software' and IsHidden=0 and IsAssigned=1, which limits it to important updates only.

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