Plesk keeps the configuration files for AWStats in the following folder:


At the end of the configuration files for the domain for HTTP+S is the following line for custom changes as the files gets overwritten by Plesk:


My question is now how could I combine both logs for HTTP and HTTPS in the log analysis for AWStats to product a combination of both? Means visitors for HTTP and HTTPS for the domain should be aggregated into one summary file of AWStats (without getting overwritten by Plesk).

Note: I'm aware of the following: What should Server Fault do with questions about web hosting control panels? but this question is generally about AWStats, Plesk just plays the role of overwriting some configuration files, nothing deeply related to the question itself imho.

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Following https://www.howtoforge.com/logresolvemerge.pl_merge_apache_access_logs

With Awstats there is a tool logresolvemerge.pl which allows you to merge different files in just one, very useful for your situation or where you have several webservers loadbalanced.

You should use it like

logresolvemerge.pl ${file1} ${..} ${filen} > ${resultfile}

Hope it helps.


Change your logging settings so that both https and http requests are logged into the same file.

  • That's true in cases that are on-topic in Server fault. It might be that Plesk prevents it, and that's one reason control panels are off-topic here. Commented Apr 22, 2015 at 10:48

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