I am trying to setup Ansible to manage Linux boxes from different customers and here are what we have to work with.

  1. No Pub key authentication - I wanted it as much as you do but it won't happen any time soon.
  2. We login as root and each customer has a different root password for all linux boxes. We are pushing for disable direct root login and do everything via sudo but again, it will take some time.

I managed to create a ansible vault file for each customer with ansible_ssh_user and ansible_ssh_pass in it and following play-book works fine.

- hosts:
    - SERV01
    - SERV02
    - roles/common/vault/main.yml

    - name: enable and start ntpd
      service: name=ntpd enabled=yes state=running

Now I would like to know how can I use vault files from command line, but none of the following worked.

ansible customer1 -m shell -a "var_files:roles/common/vault/main.yml uptime" --ask-vault-pass

ansible customer1 -m shell -a "uptime" -e "vars_files:roles/common/vault/main.yml"  --ask-vault-pass

What am I doing wrong ?


  • ansible and ansible-playbook are different tools and do not have the same options. I don't see any -e in ansible. – Antonis Christofides Apr 29 '15 at 7:22
  • I don't agree that ansible and ansible-playbook are different and are you running latest Ansible ? I am using and here is the option -e EXTRA_VARS, --extra-vars=EXTRA_VARS set additional variables as key=value or YAML/JSON – Ask and Learn Apr 30 '15 at 0:40
  • Sorry, you are right, I was running an older version. – Antonis Christofides Apr 30 '15 at 8:39

Finally I found out how to do this:

ansible customer1 -e @group_vars/vault/customer1.yml --ask-vault-pass -m shell -a uptime

Now I can put ansible_ssh_user, ansible_ssh_pass and ansible_sudo_pass in a vault file and all I need to remember is the vault password.

I hope that makes Ansible more enjoyable for you as well.



I'm not certain whether Ansible can do that. If it can't, one way to do it is

ansible customer1 -e "`ansible-vault view roles/common/vault/main.yml | grep ansible_ssh_pass`" -m shell -a uptime
  • You command works when I use ansible_ssh_pass=whatever in the vault file but that will break palybook as mail.yml must be stored as a dictionary/hash format for example ansible_ssh_pass: whatever. Your command worked after I did some modification but I think I will open an issue with Ansible team to see if they can add this. Thanks – Ask and Learn May 1 '15 at 0:56

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