I'm trying to setup subversion on my server. I'm logging into my server as root, and I have no idea how to do that.

I was trying to follow this guide: http://blog.loadbalancer.org/how-to-setup-subversion/

but I can't see a "home" directory. Here are the directories I see instead:

./              .bashrc       .login   .spamassassin/  public_html/
../             .cpanel/      .logout  .tcshrc         tmp/
.MirrorSearch/  .cpobjcache/  .my.cnf  bin/
.bash_logout    .cshrc        .pearrc  cpanel3-skel/
.bash_profile   .gnupg/       .rnd     public_ftp/

Do I need to create the "home" directory"? or is it called a different name in my server or something?

Appreciate your help


If you followed the steps in that guide and created a user called "svn" (step 2) and logged in as "svn" (step 3) your current working directory should be /home/svn. You can confirm this with:


If you haven't created the new user yet, though, this command might be suitable:

sudo adduser --system --group svn

Creating the new user should have automatically created the directory.

The rest of step 3 puts you in the correct directory. Quoting from the guide:

$ cd /home/svn
$ mkdir repositories
$ cd repositories
... more instructions ...

Edit: Note that the instructions don't say create a directory called "svn" - it says make a directory called "repositories" in /home/svn.

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