I have inherited a Linux CentOS install running as a PPPOE server router for guest bandwidth to pass through for a unit block.

Internet connectivity looks like this :-


The link was only recently upgraded to 30Mbit and was previously 8Mbit. I have checked the INET_FIREWALL appliance and there is no shaping on there so all signs point to CentOS.

The current behavior I'd like to change is as follows

Downloads from LINUX-CENTOS max out at 1Mbit (128kb/sec) <- I cant find anything that would be limiting this. Bandwidth coming from the DSLAM maxes out at 4-5Mbit which I also beleive is being controlled on CENTOS.

I have read and read all about 'tc' and how it is used, however from what I can see I dont believe it is enabled.


If you've looked into tc, then you're probably right, still, best to indicate the contents of running:

tc qdisc show
tc filter show dev eth0

(Adjust with your appropriate device, pp0 or whatever)

Also, take a look at iptables with:

iptables -nvL
iptables -t nat -nvL

If you don't find any tc or iptables rules responsible, then it could just be a problem with the driver or hardware.

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