I have a brief understanding of port forwarding via SSH. So let's say I have a VNC server up and running at port 5901. I pick up my laptop, go to work, then I want to connect to my server, but I want an encrypted connection, so I tunnel everything into an SSH connection as follows:

ssh -L 666:localhost:5901 user@home_ssh_server_address

I tell my VNC client to connect to localhost:666, and I'm good to go.

Now, reading through the SSH man page, I found that I can specify a so called bind address:

ssh -L [bind_address]:666:localhost:5901 user@home_ssh_server_address

Thats where my question comes in:

What is that bind address good for?

Any help is appreciated.


What is that bind address good for?

If you have multiple local IP addresses, you can choose one of them to bind the port to.

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