We have the following requirements:

  • redirect http://host1.example.com/resource1/* to https://host2.example.com/resource1/* (retaining everything including /resource1/* and query strings, etc.)

  • do NOT redirect http://host1.example.com/resource2/* at all

  • we cannot use Application Request Routing

  • IIS 7.5

We can use either redirect or rewrite, whichever works. It seems like setting up an inbound rewrite rule with the 'reverse proxy' option (which creates a condition using an Input with {CACHE_URL}) comes close, but I cannot get it to work with a Pattern in the 'Match URL' section of /resource1/*. Redirect seems to enable redirecting a resource to another resource on the same host only, not on a different host.

How can we achieve this?


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You can accomplish this in several ways using IIS Rewrite Module

  1. you can create redirects only for handful of the links you need

  2. You can use regex/pattern matching to redirect a similar set of links

Here is a visual guide on how to use IIS Rewrite Module

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