I receive a huge textfile generated with find.

The contents of the generated textfile are a file-referenes with full path, i.e.:


(filenames and paths are kinda random, so I can't start always at position n from the begining or the end of a line)

I need to grep this textfile for a specific pattern, write the results (which needs to be a complete line for a match) into a new (sorted with sort) file, but also need to ignore any match which is not a filename.

So, with my example-lines above, I have a search pattern "dir1" and the result must be a new file containing those lines:


My attempts with sort -f -u $textfile | grep -i $pattern > $newfile were not successful, because grep has a match too when the directory contains the pattern, which will result in a "false" match for //server/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir2.ext.

I read in grep manual that regex is possible with option -G but could'nt fiddle out any way to grep only in the filenames part of a line.

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Try grepping like this:

grep -i 'dir1[^/]*$'

Which means it will only accept the match if it matches dir1, and that match is not followed by any / until the end of the line.

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