I have just successfully configured OpenLDAP Users authentication in a single CentOS6 box, based on SSSD. Took some time and many trials, but it's working.

Now, I want to start adding users. I'm doing it manually with .ldif files, based on reference from Arch docs. The problem is - I might, by mistake, create 2 users with the same uidNumber. And that would cause strange results.

My question - is it possible to tell LDAP that uidNumber should be a unique property, and not add the user if this attribute value already existed?


You can use the unique overlay to achieve this. See chapter 12.16 of the OpenLDAP manual and man slapo-unique (unfortunately, both still only refer the old-style configuration in slapd.conf, not the cn=config online configuration).

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    Based on your reference, here's the solution (using legacy slapd.conf): 1. Uncomment moduleload unique.la 2. Add the following lines: overlay unique and unique_uri ldap:///?uidNumber?sub? – Zvika May 12 '15 at 8:05

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