I am having trouble accessing the location property of my Active-Directory's Site via Powershell. (Windows Server 2012 R2)

The following command returns no value:
> (Get-ADReplicationSite "Default-First-Site-Name" | Get-ADObject).location

This command returns an identifier:
> (Get-ADReplicationSite "Default-First-Site-Name" | Get-ADObject).objectGUID

When I am looking into the graphical Attribute Editor of the object in the Active Directory Sites and Services Snap-In, I can verify by the objectGUID-propterty, that I do query the correct AD object and that the location-property is filled.

So why does Powershell return no value and how do I query and edit the location attribute?


Because Get-ADObject does not retrieve all attributes by default:

The Get-ADObject cmdlet returns a default set of ADObject property values. To retrieve additional ADObject properties, use the Properties parameter of the cmdlet.

The objectGUID property has a value because it's part of the default property set

You can specify additional properties for Get-ADObject to retrieve with the -Properties parameter:

(Get-ADReplicationSite "Default-First-Site-Name" | Get-ADObject -Properties location).location

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