I would like to make following redirect

http://domain/level1/level2/level3 =>http://domain/level1/level3

I made redirect in settings and it works, however in additional it does also redirect below and I want to avoid it

http://domain/level1/level2 =>http://domain/level1

My goal is only redirect 3 level URL's and do not touch 2 level URL's. Is it possible to do?

Real example

Since website use substitution I do first substitution for URL I want to redirect

  1. Substitution

/apps/budget/* => /301/apps/budget/*

  1. Redirection

/301/apps/budget/* => https://domain.com/apps/*

I also found similar post (if not the same) here: IBM Domino url redirect rule processed by closely matching substitution rule


The wildcard in IBM Domino redirection/substitution rules also match no character:

/apps/budget/* => /301/apps/budget/*

Will match:


So in your case there is no way with this general rule.

You could specify special rules:

/apps/budget/a* => /301/apps/budget/a*
/apps/budget/b* => /301/apps/budget/b*

If you need redirctects with more details, you need a proxy server in front of the domino server like IHS or Apache.

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