I just setup zimbra 8.6 on ununtu 14 and have only one issue

I cannot setup mail externally

Here is mystery

Server host name is tin-exc-1.tingateitsolutions.com.au Domain is tingateitsolutions.com.au Mx record is mail.tingateitsolutions.com.au

I have no issue with mail flow and can get to webmail without issue by going to mail.tingateitsolutions.com.au

If I pu these details into outlook and put mail.tingateitsolutions.com.au as the http settings I get the prompt for my credentials but after that I get

The action cannot be completed. The connection to Microsoft exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action

If someone could help me where I start so I can resolve it! Thanks


If you want to connect MS Outlook to Zimbra using MAPI then you need a Zimbra 8.6 Network Edition which requires a license. If you already have a Network Edition server then you want to install the Zimbra Outlok Connector to connect Outllok to Zimbra through MAPI.

Admin doc

User doc

If you want to use the open source version, then you can't use MAPI. You still can use IMAP and/or POP protocols.

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