I have "merged" php with apache bin directory, however for years I have been hardcoding the path to files as follows :

curl.cainfo = d:/server/bin/cacert.pem


browscap = d:/server/bin/browscap.ini


session.save_path = "N;MODE;d:/server/www/sessions"

Barring these 3 settings, this setup is completely portable. Is there anyway to write those paths so they are more dynamic ? PHP is installed into d:/server/bin .

Thanks in advance ;)

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After trial and error, the full path is required, so the answer to this boolean question is as follows:


In the current version of PHP, a full path using forward slash / as the path delimiter on both Windows and Linux, is required for most PHP.INI settings where a path to a file, or location for storing data needs to be set.

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