I know I can add a custom value to the $_SERVER variable through Nginx with

fastcgi_param MY_VARIABLE "myValue";

Is it possible to add the same variable to PHP CLI $_SERVER? This would be used specifically for cron jobs. I'm using an Ubuntu server.

One option I've found is to call the PHP script like

$ MY_VARIABLE="myValue" php /path/to/php/script

But this seems less than ideal.

By default environmental variables are not sent to PHP and as I understand it, doing so will slow things down slightly. I'd like to avoid this if possible.


The best solution I've found is to put the variable into /etc/environment. The settings in this are loaded by cron jobs and CLI and show in PHP $_SERVER.

By default /etc/environment has one line for PATH. Simply add a new line at the end of the file.

PATH="/usr/local/sbin: ... "

As a side note, the PATH setting is this file seems to be overwritten by PHP as shown in $_SERVER.

PHP web service does not show the variable but adding it to the Nginx configuration is easy enough.

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