I created two attributes in LDAP (multivalued strings) and I want to (somehow) create a relationship between their values so that each value in one of then is linked to a value in the second: for example the attributes are 'cars' and 'owners'

car name - owner name
BMW   ->   john doe1
KIA   ->   john doe2

Any ideas on how to do that?

Edit: can I use the freeipa plugins to modify the user input so that it appends a value from the second attribute to the first attribute?

BMW(john doe1)
KIA(john doe2)

Think about LDAP is not a Relationship Database but a plain directory. What you can do is create a group for the cars and add to this group the users who have this car.

Something like:

dn: cn=BMW,ou=cars,dc=yourcompany,dc=com
cn: BMW
objectclass: posixgroup
memberuid: john
memberuid: alex

dn: cn=KIA,ou=cars,dc=yourcompany,dc=com
cn: KIA
objectclass: posixgroup
memberuid: tara
memberuid: gina
memberuid: peter
  • +1. One important note - LDAP does not guarantee order of the values for the multivalued string. So the original proposal would never work. – Martin Kosek May 22 '15 at 5:48

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