I'm trying to set up encrypted samba access. In order to achieve that I've added 2 lines to [global] scope in smb.conf:

server signing = mandatory
smb encrypt = mandatory

But unfortunately I can't mount samba shares now anywhere. I've tried with Dolphin under KDE and using mount -t cifs, even tried smbclient command line. I'm getting following errors:


Unknown error condition in stat: Software caused connection abort


mount error(13): Permission denied


Error returning browse list: NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED

how to properly enforce encryption and mount it on linux machine? Windows would be nice as well but I've read that this encryption method is not supported there yet.

I have samba 4.1 on client and 3.6 on server (OpenSUSE / Debian) but tried also looped connection on SUSE 4.1 <> 4.1 with the same result.

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If I am not mistaken, mount.cifs does not support the encryption feature of Samba (yet!?).

The -e option of smbclient should work, though.

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  • I can verify that smbclient (using smbclient Version 4.5.6) works with transport-encrypted partitions. – sweisgerber.dev Mar 30 '17 at 12:11

mount.cifs supports SMB3 encryption since version 4.8.0-54.57 of Linux kernel.

So upgrade to the latest Linux kernel and voila!

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