I have added some new custom attributes to my FreeIPA and so far I was using the admin account to check them in the WebUI. But today I accessed the WebUI using a regular user account and I was surprised to see that the new attributes are not visible. when I used "inspect elements" to view the page code I found the attribute's code as this:

<dev class="widget text-widget" name="bloodtype" style="display: none;">...</dev>

note that the attribute is still visible for the admin.

attribute schema:

dn: cn=schema
changetype: modify
add: attributeTypes
attributeTypes: (
  NAME 'bloodtype'
  DESC 'Employee Blood type'
  X-ORIGIN 'Oracle Unified Directory Server'
  USAGE userApplications )

Object class:

objectclasses: ( 2.16.840.1.113730. NAME 'customPerson' SUP person STRUCTURAL MAY bloodtype X-ORIGIN ( 'Extending FreeIPA' 'user defined' ) )

python plugin:

from ipalib.plugins import user
from ipalib.parameters import Str
from ipalib import _
def validate(ugettext,value):
    if value not in ['A','B','AB','O']:
    return _("Blood type must be either A, B, AB or O.")
user.user.takes_params = user.user.takes_params + (
        label=_('Blood Type'),

javascript plugin:

    function(phases, user_mod) {
    // helper function
        function get_item(array, attr, value) {
            for (var i=0,l=array.length; i<l; i++) {
                if (array[i][attr] === value) return array[i];
            return null;
    var plugin = {};
    plugin.add_fields = function() {
        var facet = get_item(user_mod.entity_spec.facets, '$type', 'details');
        var section = get_item(facet.sections, 'name', 'identity');
            label:'Blood type',
        return true;
    phases.on('customization', plugin.add_fields);
    return plugin;

What is the problem and how can I allow all users to view it?


you must add the new attribute to ACI.

You can modify ACI in cn=users,cn=accounts,dn=example,=dn=com directly

or you can add new attribute into 'managed_permissions' in the user class, for permission you want to allow to access them. You need to run ipa-ldap-updater --upgrade after that.

or you can create a new ACI permission and add it to existing privileges.

  • I added the attribute to the ACI using an ldif schema depending on the examples in link but it didn't change anything – Muhmmad Aziz May 25 '15 at 11:08
  • Ok it worked, I added the attribute into a permission and gave it to the user. Thank you for your help. – Muhmmad Aziz May 25 '15 at 11:17

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