I configured an AWS EC2 with Amazon AMI Linux and installed via yum atop and htop and they work correctly but they don't show any stats for the disk I/O as usual.

I tried some startup options with no luck and also running them with 'sudo'...

Is there any way to make them show it?

Edit: htop 1.0.1 and atop 1.27-3, same versions I have on another "real" server and these work out of the box...

By "usual" I mean the % of the I/O of the disk in use, something like this from atop:

DSK |          sda  | busy      1%  | read       6  |               | write    268  | KiB/r      4  | KiB/w      7  | MBr/s   0.00  |               | MBw/s   0.19  | avq    19.30  | avio 0.34 ms  |

You can try iotop. If you are monitoring an EBS volume you can also see metrics, although not as real time, on the volume in the EC2 dashboard.


To see disk I/O in htop you have to do the following:

1.Start htop:

$ htop

2.Press F2 (setup).

3.Select Columns.

4.Navigate to Available Columns and select WBYTES and RBYTES by pressing ENTER on them.

5.Exit with escape.

You'll now have two columns with disk I/0 information.

enter image description here


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