As per best of my understanding, CNAME can't exist with any other RR in DNS Server. I am using BIND 9.9.5.

Now when i am adding CNAME record with a domain which already has NS Records, i am not getting any warning or error while checking zone with named-checkzone utility.

Also i restarted my named process and it doesn't give me any warning for the same while restarting the process.

I am wondering what's wrong. Do DNS bind program not suppose to give warning for CNAME stuff ?


I find this unlikely.

$ORIGIN example.com.
sub    IN NS ns1.example.net.
sub    IN CNAME example.net.

# named-checkzone example.com test.zone
dns_master_load: test.zone:20: sub.example.com: CNAME and other data

A quick Google of CNAME and other data shows that this error message has been around as far back as 9.2.4, so I don't feel compelled to look further.

I suggest checking your zone file for syntax that is changing the FQDN of the record to something unexpected (typo, trailing dot, $ORIGIN statement, etc.). Even if you cannot spot a typo, it is highly recommended that you edit your original question to show the contents of the zone file. This will allow others to determine what is happening.

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    +1, especially for the recommendation to include the unredacted contents of the zonefile. DNS questions in particular are often hard to answer without full disclosure. – MadHatter May 28 '15 at 6:45
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    Thanks....Issue was actually of $ORIGIN statement which has caused repetition of zone name. – Gaurav Kansal May 28 '15 at 11:45

Try named-checkzone.

named-checkzone <zonename> /var/named/<filename>


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    I had done that... But it is not giving any warning or error for CNAME co-existence with NS Record. – Gaurav Kansal May 28 '15 at 5:12

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