I'm using s6 (http://skarnet.org/software/s6/) in order to supervise multiple processes.

I have couple services in my /etc/s6/ folder and one of them just need to call the start action from an init.d script.

As of now the script is well started but then it's trying to re-start it again and again.

Is there a way to avoid this ?

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If your service is a one-shot, i.e. it needs to run once and die, but not be kept alive, then it's not a good candidate for supervision. Process supervision is only good for long-running processes, a.k.a. daemons.

The correct solution to your problem is to take your one-shot script out of the set of supervised services, and run it at some point in your initialization procedure without trying to have s6-svscan/s6-supervise manage it.

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You can do this with s6, by including s6-svc -O /etc/s6/servicefolder at the beginning of your run script. This will tell to s6 to not start this service again.

Source: https://skarnet.org/software/s6/s6-svc.html

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